Your 2018-2019 Board Members

Rene Dunnam, Track Operator


Rene has been the Track Operator at Farmer City BMX since 2012.  She's usually running around from registration to the announcing tower and everywhere in between.  Rene's first exposure to BMX was in 1996 when her 7 year old son won the Nevada State Championship for his age group.  After a short break from the sport, she got back involved when her granddaughter started racing in 2008.  Rene's primary goal is to provide a welcoming environment where families can compete and spend quality time together.  When she isn't at the track, Rene works in the Business & Finance field.

Ryan Cox, Asst Track Operator


Ryan owns and operates a local tree service as a climbing Arborist. When he's not going out on a limb for his clientele, you may find him out riding his road bikes training for various types of bicycle racing, to include his first love...BMX. Ryan started  BMX racing in 1985 with his family and friends from the Farmer City area and returned to the sport this past season to assist with the track he was privileged  to have helped his father and local volunteers build in 1988. While showing his son the ropes of BMX, he found himself drawn back into racing the sport that he's certain is one of the greatest family sports of all time. 

Willie Henderson, Track Maintenace


Willie likes to drive around in big trucks during the week and tinker around as a mechanic on the weekends.  He has done this his whole life.  Willie has been involved in BMX full time since 2011.  He likes Farmer City BMX better than most tracks because every one at the track is laid back and takes the time to help each other.

Brandie Burleson, Secretary


Brandie has worked in the insurance field for 20 years, four as an Underwriting Assistant and 16 as an Administrative Assistant.  She was introduced to BMX racing about 3 years ago, and became more involved last summer when her family got involved with racing.  Brandie has found a new love in her life with BMX, from helping take care of our track, to her newfound BMX family and racing from time to time. 

Brooke Cooper, Fundraising


Brooke is a stay at home mom of 4 and a farmer's wife. She has been involved with BMX since her two youngest children could walk. She is a real go-getter and currently sits on the board as a fundraising chair. She loves that Farmer City BMX offers a family atmosphere and encouraging place for her kids to have fun and learn sportsmanship while developing a competitive spirit. 

Dana Rubenacker, Fundraising


Dana has worked in healthcare for 16 years and has been a RN for 8 of those years. Dana also has 3 children, one who races BMX. Dana is our Fundraising co-chair and is working with Brooke to identify some really unique and exciting fundraising opportunities.  This past year was Dana's first year being involved in BMX.

Allison Sutton, Parent Rep


Allison never knew about BMX until her son was asked to come to the track with a friend to ride with him three years ago.  Her son Dylan loved it and after attending a few races so did she! She loves the fact that not only do you normally have the whole track backing and cheering for you but it’s a sport anyone can participate in.  In the last 3 years the people she's met at our track have become not only her friends but her Bmx family! 

Greg Rubenacker, Parent Rep


Greg is a foreman/Pipefitter/Welder for a local industrial piping company and pretty handy at building stuff.  Greg raced BMX as a teenager earning a state championship in 95’, State #5 and National #17 in 96’. Greg has kept his interest in cycling over the years and got back into BMX with his son last year.