About BMX Racing


BMX puts a smile on your face

At Farmer City BMX, we are here to provide our riders with the support they need to help shape them into responsible adults.  We strive to provide an atmosphere where every child can learn respect, responsibility and good sportsmanship in a family friendly environment AND make it fun in the process.  Their smiles and laughter are contagious and let us know we're doing something right!


BMX brings families together

BMX, or Bicycle Motocross, is a sport that anyone can compete in - male or female, young or old.  With over 300 tracks across North America, you will find riders from the age of  2 to 82 getting on a bike and racing their hearts out.  Since no two BMX tracks are alike, the variety of tracks you can race with your family is only limited by how far you willing to travel! 


BMX is what YOU make it

One of the great things about BMX is that it is an individual sport that you can try out for FREE before you make any commitments.  Loaner bikes and helmets are available to all first-time riders as well as a FREE one-day membership.  We have experienced riders and volunteers at our track that will help make your first time at Farmer City BMX an unforgettable one!