Potential Sponsors

Farmer City BMX is a non-profit  organization that promotes a healthy,  active lifestyle for all riders in a safe environment. We rely heavily on our dedicated volunteers to maintain and run our races every week.  Without their help, we wouldn't be here.

Our intent is to keep our practice and race fees as low as possible to continue to make BMX affordable to any and all families.  We are constantly striving to improve the experience that riders and families have at our track; however, many of our changes, upgrades and improvements are expensive.

Grants and Sponsor donations help to make upgrades and improvements possible.  Monetary donations as well as donations of services or supplies, merchandise or gift cards are always appreciated no matter how big or small.  

At a minimum, all of our sponsors receive advertising at the track as well as on our website and Facebook page.  Sponsor packages begin at $100.  If you are interested in becoming a sponsor of a great family sport, please contact Rene Dunnam (217-778-7293) or any of our board members for more information.